Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate my Neos wearable?

It is quite easy. During the check out process, you choose one of your supported payment cards and connect your wearable by following the wizard instructions. It will not take you more than 3 minutes.

Otherwise, as soon as you receive your Neos wearable, you can download the Fidesmo app from the Google Play Store and use your Android (NFC-enabled) phone to connect a supported payment card and manage your Neos wearable.

How do I pay with my wearable?

It is even easier. You just tap and pay by approaching the wearable very close to the payment terminal. Like the way, you do with your contactless payment cards.

Your payment card information is never transferred to the wearable, only a reference, which is then used to identify your card during a purchase. The wearable itself utilises the same security infrastructure as Chip and PIN cards.

What if my wearable is lost or stolen?

If your wearable is lost or stolen, you have to block payments on your wearable. You can always call your bank, and they will help you to block the wearable. You can also use the Fidesmo iOS app, Android app or Self Service Portal to remove a payment card from your wearable.

Still, your physical payment card can be used just as usual even if you have suspended your wearable; it’s just the wearable that is suspended from making payments.

Is my Neos wearable waterproof?

All Neos products are designed for daily use and are water-resistant. For example, you can work out or wash your hands by wearing them. However, we recommend avoiding wearing payment jewellery with silver elements when you swim.

Can I pay with my wearable worldwide?

Tokenisation technology allows any supported payment card to be connected to the wearable securely. Then, your Neos wearable can be used for paying worldwide, wherever your card is accepted, as long as the terminal supports contactless payments.


For even more FAQs, please visit Fidesmo support page.