Passion. It combines what is most important to us: Quality, trust and responsibility.

We at Neos are always looking for something unique. Beyond high-quality materials and natural colour tones, beyond fine details and striking simplicity.

But even more important to us is the way to combine them all. We do what we like most. Cutting, pressing, glueing, handmaking. It's special for us, and we think you can feel it.

Everything we do, we do it out of passion. Because all we want is the best payment jewellery and wearables for you. That's why we produce small in Athens, Greece; this may result in fewer pieces, but much better quality. And we think that's fair, especially to you.

A Neos bracelet is ready for your hand only when we are satisfied with the final result. On every detail. That is why we do not focus on time but concentrate on our craft. And we are getting a little closer to our goal with every step: To make a wearable that will last longer and make your payment experience as easy (and elegant) as it gets.