How does it work ?


Neos makes it possible for you to tap and pay on any contactless terminal, the same way you do with your payment card, by using your Neos stylish jewellery, wearable or accessory.

3 simple steps:


1. Make a choice from our collection matching your lifestyle

Neos collection offers you bespoke wearables that change the way you make your daily payments.


2. Make sure your payment card is supported

Neos wearables are compatible with several payment cards in many countries, supported by Fidesmo Pay. Find the supported cards in the list below. If your card is not in the list, subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when new cards are added.


Germany – supported cards

VIMpay: Anyone with a VIMpay account can have and use a Neos wearable.

Sweden – supported cards


Nordea: Nordea Black, Nordea Platinum, Nordea Premium, Nordea Gold, Nordea Credit, First Card (Mastercard).

Swedbank and the Saving banks: Swedbank Debit Mastercard (Requires both a bank card private and internet bank private. Bank card corporate and internet bank corporate are not supported).

SEB: SEB cards (not Maestro), Eurocard, SAS Eurobonus Mastercard, Circle K Mastercard, Nordic Choice Mastercard, Saab Mastercard, Opel Mastercard, Scandic Friends Mastercard, SJ Prio Mastercard.

Marginalen Bank: Marginalen Traveller.

Norway – supported cards

Eika Kredittbank: Eika Gold, Eika Business, Agricard Privat, Agricard Ansatt, Agricard Firma, NAF Xtra, Gold, ViVo, Business med privatansvar, Business med bedriftsansvar.

SEB: Eurocard, GlobeCard Mastercard, SAS EuroBonus World Mastercard, SAS EuroBonus World Mastercard Premium, Esso Mastercard, Nordic Choice Club Mastercard, Volvo Mastercard, Circle K Mastercard, Landkreditt Mastercard, DNB Corporate Mastercard.

Belgium – supported cards

KBC:  KBC Debit Card (Bancontact & Maestro).

CBC: CBC Debit Card (Bancontact & Maestro).

KBC Brussels: KBC Brussels Debit Card (Bancontact & Maestro).

3. Connect your payment card

After making sure your payment card is on the list, it’s time to connect. The connection process is simple, secure and fast.

During check-out, you can provide -if you want to- the supported payment card you like to connect with your brand new wearable. In that case, your payment card will be connected to Neos wearable, but it requires activation (on both iPhones and Android phones) before it can be used for your contactless payments. 


Otherwise, you can also download the Fidesmo app from the Google Play Store and use your Android phone to connect your payment card and manage your Neos wearable.

Mobile app



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